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strength and conditioning

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Kova Sports Strength and Conditioning believes in training our athletes as a whole through innovative, non-traditional, personalized philosophies. Our holistic approach aims to empower athletes to reach their full potential in sports and as individuals. It is our belief that the body is a complex system that needs specific comprehensive adaptations to ensure peak performance and total body resiliency. Our elite coaches pair their expertise with cutting-edge equipment to deliver unparalleled training for athletes of all abilities and sports.


At the heart of our approach is a genuine care for each athlete that transcends the training - we look to build real relationships and customize their development, which is the key ingredient that distinguishes us from other programs. PRICING>


Our exclusive monthly membership grants you access to our high-performance training system designed to equip you with the tools and environment to excel as an athlete. With five focused training sessions per week, we seek to deliver precise programming designed to accelerate your results. We also realize that you have a life outside of training which is why we let your ambitions steer the ship as we navigate the path to your envisioned future self. At the end of the day, this is your journey - take the wheel and steer your potential to new heights. It’s time to put the power back in your hands to take control of your training and maximize your abilities. Let the results speak for themselves.

"I have been working out here for just over a year and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get better. I have gained 10 mph in velocity and put on 20 pounds in that timeframe... They are extremely helpful in getting you moving the way you need to be moving."



Strength Training

>> Muscle development & increased power

Multidimensional Movement Skills​

>> Enhance agility, balance, and coordination

Mobility Exercises

>> Improved flexibility and joint health

Cardiovascular Workouts

>> Increased endurance and heart health

Stability Training

>> Build core strength and reduce injury risk

High-Intensity Training

>> Maximum calorie burn and improved fitness

Energy Systems Development

>> Optimize athletic performance

Interval Training

>> Enhanced cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning

Bodyweight Training Systems

>> Functional strength and mobility

Uniquely Tailored Fitness Experience

>> By integrating these scientifically-backed training techniques, Kova Fit provides a uniquely tailored fitness experience that caters to various individual goals, such as weight loss, athletic performance enhancement, or overall health improvement


1 / Strength and Conditioning - $200/month

Includes up to 6 days/week of training, a perfect program built for you

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