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best baseball training program

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We are a data-driven facility that tracks our athletes' performance and progress. Led by three former professional baseball players and coaches, we use hands-on experience and metric-driven technology to provide you with precise feedback so you can reach your highest potential. Below are the tools and technologies that help you reach your goals.

HitTrax baseball technology

Hittrax brings exciting game play to the batting cages where we can individually track each athletes progress and send reports.

Stalker Radars baseball technology

With a standard miss deviation of 0.1 mph you can trust how hard you are throwing using Stalker technology at Kova Sports.

trackman baseball technology

TrackMan's optically enhanced radar technology provides superior tracking of the entire ball trajectory.

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 This industry-leading arm health analytics technology allows our coaching staff to quantify and analyze every exam rep, workout, daily check-in, and type of soreness. 

rogue fitness equipment

Rogue is our top of the line weight equipment to get our athletes stronger and more powerful.

Blast Sensors baseball technology

Blast provides bat sensors that track each swing our athletes make.

"Best training for baseball in DFW. Unbelievable coaches, next-level technology. Can’t recommend enough."


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