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What to Expect When Working with a Pitching Trainer

As a pitching training facility with 15+ years of professional playing and coaching experience, we are often asked what athletes and parents can expect when working with a facility like Kova Sports.

Our goal is to help players reach their full potential by improving their pitching mechanics, expanding their pitch repertoire, enhancing mental toughness, and preparing them for success at the next level.

Here are some key things to expect when working with a pitching trainer:

Building Proper Mechanics

A pitching trainer's top priority is developing efficient, repeatable pitching mechanics. We'll break down your current mechanics to identify areas for improvement, whether it's balance, hip/shoulder separation, arm slot, landing, release point, or finishing position. Using video analysis and frame-by-frame breakdowns, we'll rebuild your mechanics from the ground up until they are second nature. Proper mechanics are the foundation for velocity, control, and arm health.

baseball pitching trainer

Improving Velocity

Increasing velocity happens through developing efficient mechanics, building arm strength, and improving lower body power. Under our trainer's guidance, you'll follow an intensive strength training and conditioning program focused on your lower half, core, and shoulders. We'll monitor your effort levels, recovery, and nutrition to maximize strength gains. Specific throwing programs and weighted ball training will complement your lifting. With hard work over time, velocity gains of 2-4 mph are realistic.

Expanding Pitch Types

To succeed against elite hitters, pitchers need a deep arsenal of pitches - not just a fastball and curveball. Using our new Trackman unit, an experienced pitching trainer will evaluate your current pitch types and develop additional offerings to make you a complete pitcher. This may include adding a two-seam fastball, changeup, slider, cutter, or splitter. We'll focus on grip, release, arm action, and finish for each pitch to make them deceptive and effective. Having 3-4 plus pitches is key to success in high school-age athletes.

Enhancing Mental Game

Physical skills are only half the battle - a pitching trainer will sharpen your mental game too. We'll teach you how to get in a confident, focused mindset before games. You'll learn routines to lock in before taking the mound. We'll work on emotional control, staying calm under pressure, and pitch-to-pitch focus. Handling adversity, making in-game adjustments, and staying motivated are also addressed. A strong mental approach is required to pitch your best when it matters most.

Preparing for Next Level

We take pride in preparing players for varsity, college, and pro ball. Our training sessions will simulate game conditions to prepare you for the brighter lights. We'll practice pitching from the windup with runners on base, fielding your position, and holding runners. You'll face heavy workloads to build stamina and learn to pitch when fatigued. We'll talk pitch selection, out strategies, and how to attack specific hitters. When you leave our program, you'll be ready to excel at the next level.

Keys for Parents When Working with a Pitching Trainer

For parents, your role is crucial. Provide encouragement, balance high expectations with patience, ensure proper nutrition/rest, communicate closely with us, and support the training process. Commit to bringing your pitcher to workouts, games, showcases, and recruiting events. Supply them with any needed equipment. Most importantly, let us coach on the field, and avoid over-coaching at home. With your help, we can maximize your child's potential.

Be Ready to Work Hard

Lastly, be prepared for an intensive training experience. You must bring 100% effort, dedication, grit and a willingness to be coached. Progress will not happen overnight; expect ups and downs along the way. Trust the process, follow the plan, and results will come. The rewards of becoming an elite pitcher are well worth the hard work. Let's start our journey today.

In summary, working with a knowledgeable pitching trainer allows young athletes to develop proper mechanics, gain velocity, expand their arsenal, sharpen their mental game, and prepare for the next level. It requires commitment from players and parents alike, but the long-term payoff is succeeding against top competition. We are excited to help you achieve your baseball dreams through purposeful, intensive training. Let's get to work!


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