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Kova Sports Partners with to Revolutionize Pitcher Development

Kova Sports, the premier pitcher training and development company based in Texas, is excited to announce a new partnership with This collaboration will provide Kova's coaching staff access to Armcare's industry-leading arm health analytics technology to advance our pitcher training programs.

For years, Kova Sports has been at the forefront of building better baseball players. Our coaching staff, led by founder and MLB pitcher Tejay Antone and Partner/Head of Pitching Jeremy Kivel, has helped develop amateur pitchers into MLB draft picks and Division 1 college athletes. However, they recognized a need for more data-driven insights into each athlete's unique arm strength, mechanics, and health to customize their training further.

That's where Armcare comes in. Armcare has pioneered new ways to quantify arm health and performance. Their detailed assessments provide metrics like Arm Score, which factors strength and body size, as well as Fatigue and Recovery rates. These metrics will allow Kova's coaches to design training regimens tailored to fix each pitcher's weak points and maximize their velocity gains.

"I’ve seen the incredible benefits of Armcare's data firsthand; I personally used this product to help me return to the big leagues after my 2nd Tommy John surgery,” said Antone. "Their assessments identified areas of improvement I couldn't detect just by how I feel. With these insights, we can prevent injury, improve mechanics, increase endurance, and help our pitchers reach their full potential."

For instance, Armcare's Arm Score and strength benchmarks will help coaches pinpoint strength imbalances joint by joint. They can then adjust training to build strength in the right areas. Fatigue rate monitoring will allow coaches to detect when pitchers need to dial back throwing distance or take rest days to avoid overwork and injury. Tracking recovery scores will show the impact of adjustments to sleep, nutrition, and training loads.

While Armcare provides these quantitative arm health insights, Kova Sports has the coaching expertise to translate data into daily training guidance. As Antone puts it: "The tech gives us the warnings. We provide the solutions." Kova's staff has over a decade of experience building customized training programs for amateur players. Our hands-on coaching will ensure athletes perform the proper drills and workouts to address any red flags surfaced by Armcare's assessments.

This partnership empowers both companies to focus on our unique strengths. Armcare can devote its energy to developing cutting-edge assessment tools and health metrics. Meanwhile, Kova Sports leverages these insights to advance our personalized approach to pitcher development. Together, we aim to revolutionize injury prevention and unlock each pitcher's maximal potential.

This collaboration marks an exciting step forward for pitcher training. By blending tech-driven analytics with human coaching expertise, Kova Sports and lead the future of data-informed, customized arm care. Pitchers who train under this unified approach will benefit from unprecedented insight into their bodies and receive training guidance tailored to their needs. This partnership sets a new standard for health and performance in pitcher development.


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